The History of Hope Impacts

Hope Impacts is a nonprofit that began in 2014 with the acknowledgment that we are all one crisis away from becoming situationally or chronically homeless. Our core foundation is based on the belief that we need to love people where they are, but too much to leave them there — just the way we are loved by God.  Our goal is to treat every person that we come into contact with the dignity and respect they deserve. We want others to SEE those that so often become invisible. We desire to give a voice to the voiceless in our community that desperately need a listening ear and a caring heart. We choose to advocate for those that may not know where to turn or how to advocate for themselves. By providing a safe environment, intentional community partnerships, a vast referral and resource system, meeting  basic  essential needs, providing connection and ongoing relationship building opportunities to walk the journey of life together, we have been honored and privileged to help over 150 people get off the streets in the Katy Community since 2016 when began operating Full Time.

From 2014-2016 our Executive Director, Tina Hatcher, was volunteering her time to meet the needs of the homeless community on the streets of Katy from the trunk of her car and garage while working a full-time job. She felt compelled to help their situation after her family experienced situational homelessness due to a job lay off in a bad economy.  With a burden to be able to make more of an impact and offer more long term solutions, we built partnerships with area churches, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals while creating community events where the homeless and housed gather and share life together.  We began weekly Bible Studies, Supper and Showers, celebrations, connections with key partners,  monthly outreach events, and even grieved the loss of some of our street family together. Advocacy work has placed our street friends in Rehab Centers,  Women Shelters, Transitional housing, Personal Care Homes, Group Homes, offered housing  assessments through partner programs,  reconnected families, and did what we could to help others get back on their feet and independent. We know that each story is unique and sometimes the journey is long. There are no easy fixes to the problem of homelessness.

One desire is  to educate the community regarding the many situations that create homelessness. We ask others to thinking about these truths:

Do you know someone that has faced an unexpected natural disaster ( ie: Hurricane Harvey and the devastation left behind), a death of the main breadwinner, a divorce,  a health crisis, unemployment, underemployment, mental health issues, addiction issues, eviction,  past criminal history, or has a disability of any kind? Any of these situations can lead to homelessness. What does a homeless person look like? Like the person looking back in the mirror.

Now that our foundation is firm it is time to build on that foundation and seek Gods direction in the next phase of growth. There are many concerns to tackle such as the lack of women’s and men’s sober living homes, homes for families in crisis where the family can heal together in a supportive community that provides much-needed services for those in a transition. We would love to provide this in our community. It will not be possible without the help of dedicated and committed partners that give of their time, talents and treasures.

Ultimately we plan to provide a supportive community of affordable housing that engages those that live there to become involved by using their gifts and  talents in a variety of  ways and gives a lasting solution to the issue of homelessness. Their unique situations will be taken into consideration while they are mentored, trained, and discipled,  while providing a safe place to learn and grow, and receive on going care that address all of their health needs- mind, body, soul and spirit. This will not become a reality without community support and dedication to seeing the dream become a reality. We invite YOU to join us because we know without a shadow of a doubt that  HOPE IMPACTS lives! Haven’t all of our lives been impacted by Hope offered in our darkest  days? 

Jeremiah 29:11 ” For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord ” plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”