Success Stories

I went from living in my broken down van when I first came to Hope Impacts  to working, buying a RV, getting counseling, joining Crosspoint Church and being able to give back to others. I will be forever grateful for the community and help I found through Hope Impacts.

— Gary

Hope Impacts is much more than an outreach program. When I was down they gave me support and community and become a family to me. I left Katy but returned because of the relationships I had built through Hope Impacts. I am now working on getting a degree and am excited about my future.

— Chris

Hope Impacts helped my family by offering hope and help when we needed it most. We had sold everything we owned due to a medical crisis. They helped us refurnish our home with donations from the community, even helping us with Christmas decorations. When I was able to give back I gladly did to bless another family in need.

— Lilly

When I came from the hospital I did not know where to go. I went to Katy Christian Ministries and they referred me to Hope Impacts. I have found friends, hope, and help for people like me trying to improve their situation. They truly care about the people they serve.

— Marty

Hope Impacts has become like family to me. They really do love people where they are but too much to leave them there. Building relationships has helped me find a place to live, a job, childcare, resources, and given me support to improve my life.

— Faith

I truly want to thank God for my journey to Hope Impacts. It is ministries like these who are going after God’s heart to take care of his children. I thank God for Mrs. Tina and her staff for being an extension of love and grace for us.

— Jackie


Hi everyone my name is Monica Anderson,

I relocated here to TX a little over a year ago. It was a job here in Houston that brought me here but when I got here it wasn’t offered anymore. I didn’t give it up I kept at it I had interviews but not hired money get low so I started sleeping in my car .Yes, I felt so bad about myself. I had chose to leave a job and was okay. then I became homeless and had little money. I did get side jobs but not the right one.

Then shortly I met Mrs.Tina that made me understand that its OK but pray and it can get better and that they know nothing about me but they check us on the streets to make sure we was OK. On Thanksgiving holiday they came and got us and we had a great meal and they delivered hot meals to others on the streets. So that made me pick up myself ask God to help me get back to myself. That street life is not me but I had to put in the work so now I’m in Dallas and work is good and I’m feeling good with myself and having good people to help out means a lot and you have to trust in God cause sometime in your life he will test you just to see if you believe in Him so I’m going to end it here cause I will write all day Thank you Mrs. Tina love you guys