Help and HOPE

I never could have imagined that I would find myself displaced and homeless in the blink of an eye…just a couple if years ago. In the beginning of my homelessness, I had decided…”I can handle this, it could be worse.” Suddenly I was among the very people I used to bring food and clothing to. I was fortunate then…,  I was now one of them.  Homelessness is not easy. Over a period of a few weeks, I became depressed and turned to alcohol to forget my troubles. I was going nowhere fast. One day, I went into a Starbucks with another homeless friend to take advantage of the free WiFi and make a cup of coffee last for hours. By the grace of   God, an old classmate was sitting right in front of me. Tina.

She and I had recently connected on Facebook and would occasionally chat and comment on one anothers pictures, etc.  Without hesitation, Tina offered me AND my friend, who was a complete stranger to her, a place to stay. Starting immediately. We were so blown away…we couldn’t believe the kindness of Tina and her husband. That very night, I slept in a clean, comfortable bed. So many awesome things happened while I was there. Sometimes my depression would creep back in and life wasn’t all rosey all the time.

However, having people around me who truly cared about and didn’t judge me made all the difference in my ability to let go of some things, pick myself up and try and rectify a bad situation. I don’t know where I would have ended up had someone not believed in me and took a chance on helping me better my situation.

I’m pleased and proud to say that I have a nice place to live, and I work 50 hours a week. I would not be where I am today had I not run into Tina that morning and been given a chance.  I wish everybody “out there”, could feel the love and sincere caring I felt during those times. So many people need help…and hope.  Hope is the one thing homeless people can really hold onto. There is HOPE in bad situations. Take it from me. Hope truly makes a huge impact. It did for me, and I know for many others as well.

Very sincerely, Teri

Anyone can become homeless

The common perception of a homeless person is someone with a substance abuse problem or a mental illness. There are certainly homeless people who suffer from these afflictions. However, homelessness CAN happen to anyone.

My name is David Weber and I was a successful welder in 2008 when I decided to start a small business. Due to the economic conditions at the time, my business unfortunately ended up failing after roughly a year. Over the next several years, I searched for work but was unsuccessful. During this time, I spent my retirement fund and savings and went deep into credit card debt to pay living expenses. By the middle of 2013, it became clear that I would end up in foreclosure and on Jan. 7, 2014, I was officially homeless.

My faith in Jesus, and what little clothes I could fit in my car, was all I had left of my former life. Since I had no answer of my own for solving my situation, I decided to trust in God and then went to Katy Christian Ministries to ask for assistance. KCM put me into contact with Hope Impacts and the Hatchers. After hearing my plight and discussing what was needed to regain my independence, they agreed to let me stay with them while I searched for work.

After five weeks of diligently searching, I finally started working again at a welding job. Thankful for a place to stay, I paid rent while saving for an eventual apartment. During my stay with the Hatchers, I learned about Creekside Church and their mission to serve the community in tangible ways. I started attending worship service at Creekside Church with the Hatchers in Jan. of 2014 and now serve as a volunteer for Sunday worship. In Nov. of 2014, I finally moved into my own apartment. Hope Impacts provided me with dishes and the congregation of Creekside Church donated furniture to me that I sorely needed. Without this assistance, life would have been rough in my new apartment since I had to abandon my possessions when my house was foreclosed on. Their kindness has made a tangible difference and a meaningful impact on my life.

The remarkable turnaround I experienced I attribute directly as a blessing from God, although I certainly did my part to help make it happen. I walked to every minimum wage job that was hiring that I could find, but they wouldn’t hire me. I even trained for a hotel job without pay in the hope of being hired to no avail. By the grace of God, the Christian owners of the welding shop where I currently work decided to take a chance on hiring me, even though I hadn’t worked in about five years. However, without Hope Impacts and the help rendered by Creekside Church, my story would have ended in tragedy instead of with hope for the future.