Success Stories

My life was in shambles after my husband of 40 years passed away. I found myself homeless and helpless. Hope Impacts helped me get medical help, mental health help, took me to rehab and helped me find a personal care home where I am cared for. Without Tina’s help, I have no doubt I would not be alive right now. Family is not always blood. Thank you to everyone that helps this organization help people like me!


I was homeless on the streets for over a decade. In January 2021 I finally got the keys to my own home in New Hope Housing with the help of Hope Impacts and their partners through The Way Home. I don’t ever plan on being homeless again! I am so very thankful for Hope Impacts for pursuing help for me when I had long given up hope that things would ever change.

Kenny D

Alcohol took me down a dark road. Hope Impacts staff took me to a rehab program out of town. I graduated from that program and found myself still in dire straights as I had trouble finding steady employment and did not want to wind up back on the street. I reached out to Tina with Hope Impacts from the town I was living and she was able to connect me with someone there that poured into me. I connected with someone from the rehab I had been living at and I am now house dad and program manager for another sober living house. I gave my life over to God and he made me a new man! I am forever grateful for the connections and community Hope Impacts provides. I am proud of my life now. If God can change me- he can change anyone!

David R

My health was declining to the point that I was afraid I was going to die in my car in a parking lot in Katy. I was going to the hospital every week for breathing treatments with my COPD. I could not get my breathing treatments and elevate my legs as needed. Hope Impacts and Christ Clinic along with Methodist Hospital were doing all they could do. I was on the waiting list for housing and finally received my apartment Christmas week! Hope Impacts and the community provided me with a very comfortable place to live. I am thankful I did not die in my car, and now have a safe place to call my own. I love being able to use the restroom when needed, cook healthy meals, and rest in a nice bed. I have not been to the hospital once since getting housed!

Jay F

I was staying on the street and then in an 18 wheeler for many years until it was towed with all of my belongings. After being put on the housing list with Hope Impacts’ help- myself, and my cat Ruby are now in a safe place in New Hope Housing and we are loving having our own place. I volunteer and enjoy knowing we can lock our door and be comfortable and safe. I sincerely appreciate all the help and love provided by Hope Impacts! If anyone is interested in the jewelry I make necklaces to support us!

Susan ( and Ruby)

I went from living in my broken-down van when I first came to Hope Impacts to working, buying an RV, getting counseling, joining Crosspoint Church, and being able to give back to others. I will be forever grateful for the community and help I found through Hope Impacts.

— Gary

Hope Impacts is much more than an outreach program. When I was down they gave me support and community and become a family to me. I left Katy but returned because of the relationships I had built through Hope Impacts. They are like a second family to me. I am grateful for their heart for helping others get the help they need.

— Chris

Hope Impacts helped my family by offering hope and help when we needed it most. We had sold everything we owned due to a medical crisis. They helped us refurnish our home with donations from the community, even helping us with Christmas decorations. When I was able to give back I gladly did to bless another family in need.

— Lilly

When I came from the hospital I did not know where to go. I went to Katy Christian Ministries and they referred me to Hope Impacts. I have found friends, hope, and help for people like me trying to improve their situation. They truly care about the people they serve.

— Marty

I truly want to thank God for my journey to Hope Impacts. It is ministries like these who are going after God’s heart to take care of his children. I thank God for Mrs. Tina and her staff for being an extension of love and grace for us.

— Jackie