Success Stories

I went from living in my broken down van when I first came to Hope Impacts  to working, buying a RV, getting counseling, joining Crosspoint Church and being able to give back to others. I will be forever grateful for the community and help I found through Hope Impacts.

— Gary

Hope Impacts is much more than an outreach program. When I was down they gave me support and community and become a family to me. I left Katy but returned because of the relationships I had built through Hope Impacts. I am now working on getting a degree and am excited about my future.

— Chris

Hope Impacts helped my family by offering hope and help when we needed it most. We had sold everything we owned due to a medical crisis. They helped us refurnish our home with donations from the community, even helping us with Christmas decorations. When I was able to give back I gladly did to bless another family in need.

— Lilly

When I came from the hospital I did not know where to go. I went to Katy Christian Ministries and they referred me to Hope Impacts. I have found friends, hope, and help for people like me trying to improve their situation. They truly care about the people they serve.

— Marty

Hope Impacts has become like family to me. They really do love people where they are but too much to leave them there. Building relationships has helped me find a place to live, a job, childcare, resources, and given me support to improve my life.

— Faith

I truly want to thank God for my journey to Hope Impacts. It is ministries like these who are going after God’s heart to take care of his children. I thank God for Mrs. Tina and her staff for being an extension of love and grace for us.

— Jackie