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KATY, Texas (FOX 26) – The recent severe weather has impacted people in many ways, including the lives of people who live on the street. But homeless people in Katy get very personal attention from a local charity, Hope Impacts.

“We just try to show them that God loves everybody equally,” volunteer Thomas Lemmons tells Fox26, “We care about them and they are important to us.”

Hope Impacts does not have a homeless shelter. That’s why people like Lemmons go from homeless encampments to street corners to bring them personal assistance. Lemmons made the rounds Monday following Sundays severe weather. Between the rain and the cold, the recent front was somewhat of a double whammy.

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In Katy, she’s the hope for the homeless

By Sebastian Herrera, Houston Chronicle

Each Tuesday, Tina Hatcher begins picking up the homeless just before dawn.

She climbs into her white, 15-seat Chevrolet passenger van and starts driving through Katy.

“We’re heading there now,” she told one of her passengers by phone last week.

In suburban areas like Katy, homelessness can be taboo. But it exists. At least 50 or so people live on the street in the three miles just between Fry Road and U.S. 99, Hatcher reported. Many more don’t have a permanent home. More than 500 Katy ISD students are homeless. That doesn’t count the numerous that go unreported.

Somebody had to help, Hatcher thought three years ago before starting her nonprofit, Hope Impacts. She filled the need.

On Tuesday nights, Katy’s homeless get a chance to shower and eat at The Waters Church on North Mason Road. Hatcher’s van gets them there.


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